What to expect

Here are some tips on how to make grooming more enjoyable for your Soulmate, for you and  of course, your groomer.

Before booking please make sure that your dog does not have fleas. You wouldn’t want to share those with other dogs visiting the studio. Safe and effect treatment against fleas and ticks can be purchase through your vet clinic.

Talk to us about the type of grooming style you want. Communication with your groomer ensures that both you and your Soulmate are happy at the end of the day. A short clip is probably the fastest, and perhaps just what you are looking for, but if not, please take into consideration that it will take time for your dog to look amazing. If it takes longer than expected, please be patient. My goal is not only to have your dog leave looking great, but also feeling confident and content.

At your first visit we will review basic grooming procedures such as de-matting,  health issues and subsequent vet care. Other information you may be asked is whether your dog is aggressive in certain situations such as clipping nails or being picked up. If so, we may discuss options to keep both your pet and myself safe with the use of Elizabethan collars or muzzles.

Your pet’s file will include your dog’s general breed information, age, health status and grooming notes. I will make any additional changes with each visit to ensure that we keep the file information up to date.

If you book regular appointments, but you need to give your pet a bath in between visits,  please make sure to use proper pet shampoo and brush your pet thoroughly. This will save you money and time when you next come to visit! Bathing without brushing can form mats and cause serious problems and the next trip to the groomer can become a painful experience for everyone.

Once your dog is all beautifully coiffed and smelling like a dream, let’s go over ways to keep him looking good and what to do between groomings.