Grooming services

I offer all breed pet grooming for dogs including ear cleaning, nails, brush, bath, sanitary clean up and breed specific clip. More details in our “What to Expect section”.

Prices vary depending on breed, coat length and condition. Generally between $45-$120


It’s Here….Your Big Day…. Make It Perfect

Before you bring your dog to the Studio, please make sure you have taken a moment for your dog to have a bathroom break.

Ensure that your dog does not have any pesky visitors (fleas). You wouldn’t want to share those with other dogs visiting the studio. Safe and effect treatment against fleas and ticks can be purchased through your vet clinic. If you feel your dog may have fleas, please treat him and rebook your appointment. 

Talk to us about the type of style you want. Communication with your groomer insures that everyone is happy.

Go over how long it will take and we will call you when your pet is ready for pick up.